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Christina (Chris) N. Darling retired

BIG NEWS... after some FORTY-SEVEN YEARS, long time CLS member, Christina (Chris) N. Darling retired from real estate!

Chris is looking forward to having some time to herself to participate in some of her electives which include volunteering at ORCAT and the library, some card games, of course her singing and acting and then there’s the great grandkids who keep her moving and active.


The CLS Mourns the Loss

Wade Findlay Mackay

The CLS mourns the loss of one of its long time members today (May 3rd, 2016) Wade Findlay Mackay. Wade owned the boat rental business here at Ocean Reef Club. Wade was also a real estate agent with Swenson & Ecuyer Realty. Wade will be missed by the real estate community as well as all Ocean Reef. There will be Celebration of Life for Wade in East Grand Rapids, Michigan on Tuesday May 17th at 2 pm on the lawn of the Grand Rapids Yacht Club and at The Ocean Reef Club at a later date.

Wade Findlay Mackay Obituary



Thank You Systems Engineering!


Happy Birthday CLS

The Central Listing Service at Ocean Reef (CLS) is celebrating its 25th year of service to Ocean Reef Club. The CLS has an interesting history, which dates back to when Ocean Reef Club was in its infancy, as a development owned by Harper Sibley. For many years there was only one real estate company on Ocean Reef called "Ocean Reef Properties." This one company handled all the new, Club-developed inventory of properties as well as the growing number of re-sales as members moved around within the Club. Soon, other real estate businesses began, each with their own listings, which made it difficult, if not impossible for a prospective buyer to know of everything available for sale. The solution was to create the CLS—a single source for all Ocean Reef listings. The goal was to enhance and simplify real estate services for customers. Throughout the years, CLS has helped to connect hundreds of buyers with brokers on The Reef.


We Mourn the Loss

Laura L. Applin,

The CLS mourns the loss of one of its members today (December 20, 2012) Laura L. Applin, or better known to her friends as "Lee Lee." Lee Lee has been a member of the CLS for 21 years and much longer than that as a member of Ocean Reef Club. Lee Lee will be missed by all the real estate community as well as all Ocean Reef. We will announce services as soon as we have them.


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